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We provide solution integration!

Bell TCG can help you organize, manage, and execute your business operations easily and efficiently.  Our solution integration team can help you meet functional and technical needs. From networking and security products providing access to mail, documents and data away from the office to accounting, inventory, and point of sale systems that allow you to streamline your back-office operation. When you have a system environment that you and your employees can depend on, you can focus on your business. We can help you do that with services that integrate applications, e-mail, and web browsers to provide consistently reliable experience that simplifies how people interact with business processes and data. We intimately understand big business solutions and know how to implement them in a medium or small business environment. Our expert professionals specialize in implementing solutions like:

• Exchange and Outlook Web Access  

• Office and Windows Sharepoint Services  

• Document Imaging and Management  

• Customer Relationship Management  

• Point Of Sale and Retail Management  

• Accounting and Inventory  


Secure Networking (Local and Remote)

Protect Your Business

Virus, spyware, spam and hacking attacks can threaten your company's reputation and hinder your ability to conduct business. Client information, credit card numbers, personal data, not to mention trade secrets and proprietary information are all at risk without the properly implemented security technology and policies. Deploying up-to-date software and hardware is only one part of a security solution. To fully deal with today's security threats, companies must also implement a security strategy that includes policies for proper computer use and how to respond to breaches in network security.

Managed Network Solutions

Based on our Network Security Assessment, we will recommend, implement and manage the technology solutions that best address your business needs, while resolving any vulnerabilities we discover. In addition, our managed solutions include 24x7 monitoring to ensure that your network and business processes remain available and secure.

• LAN, WAN & Wireless Networks 
• Firewalls, VPNs & Remote Access 
• Virus, Spam & Spyware Solutions 
• Website Content Filtering 
• Computer & Employee Surveillance 

Network Security Assessment

Our team evaluates your current network, existing safeguards, and your ability to respond to a threat. Using advanced security software and our industry-leading experience, our engineers pinpoint possible security breaches and determine the impact a threat may have to your business.

• Vulnerability Scanning of Servers, Workstations & Network Assets 

• Review of Firewall Configuration & Remote Access Policies 

• Assessment of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam & Anti-Spyware Configuration 

• Review of Corporate Security & Personnel Policy 

Our evaluation will recommend how to solve any security issues by using our technical services or deploying a new technology solution. We'll also include operational guidelines and computer use policies that can bolster and compliment your existing technology investment.